Your path to component processing – simple and fast.
AM-Studio – successful data processing for additive manufacturing.

3D Printing Software CADS Additive For Additive Manufacturing SLM Powder Bed Machines



With AM-Studio we offer you a lean and efficient tool which significantly reduces your Time2Print. Our guided process leads you through the most important steps of data processing and enables you to implement successful and situation-specific data preparation for additive manufacturing. Intuitive and without any cost-intensive special training.

Comprehensive development competence

Longstanding experience in CAD-development and practical orientation have been integrated directly into the development of AM-Studio since 2016 and therefore encompasses:

  • Features and functions far surpassing market standards
  • Adaption and individualization of functions by users at any time

Automation option

  • Fully automated manner of data preparation process
  • Requirements-oriented, individual, and secure working environment

Constantly updated support geometry

  • Clear aggregation of support regions
  • Easy support for individual divisions or entire components
  • Novel, metal-optimized Tree and AdaptiveCell support services
  • Up to 40% of time, volume, and material savings
  • Automated recalculation of support geometry after changes of geometry or position of the component
  • Completely parametrizable support geometry
  • Simplified post-processing
  • Predefined templates for partially automated support geometry generation
  • Additional templates for support strategies freely definable
  • Completely parametrizable support geometry

Best part orientation

Determination of the ideal orientation in the sense of

  • Construction time
  • Required, but minimal support geometry
  • Thermal wrapping to be expected
  • Surface finish quality to be expected