CADS Additive and designairspace launch first SaaS solution for 3D metal printing

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  • 17 April, 2021
CADS Additive and designairspace launch first SaaS solution for 3D metal printing

A match made in the cloud


Perg and Nürnberg - 3D metal printing software firm CADS Additive and virtual workstation provider designairspace announced a new partnership today that will let customers benefit from a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) approach to 3D printing. The collaboration means CADS Additive customers can now use CADS Additive’s data preparation software AM-Studio online, on any device with an internet connection. Instead of buying an expensive workstation and licenses, this partnership means companies, employees, and freelancers can ‘rent’ the CADS Additive software for 3D printing in the cloud. They can choose a monthly or yearly plan that fits any budget. Subscriptions range from $282 per month to $10,000 per year.

The market for 3D metal printing is growing rapidly as more companies discover innovative ways of deploying this technology. CADS Additive’s software makes it much easier for any metal workshop in the auto, aerospace, rail or medical sectors to benefit from metallic additive manufacturing. However, until now they would also need to invest in a high-spec physical computer (typically costing several thousand dollars) and purchase a yearly subscription to run the software in their offices.

The new partnership with designairspace will make it more affordable and more flexible for companies to begin 3D metal printing. designairspace provides the underlying platform that is fine-tuned for the requirements of additive manufacturing software like from CADS Additive. A customer simply connects over the internet using any desktop, laptop or even tablet, and can begin using high-powered machines running CADS Additive from anywhere in the world.

The two companies will provide this solution as a service tailored to different budgets. If a customer only needs to use CADS Additive’s software for a few hours each month, the flexible fees mean they can find the right solution for their requirements. But if they need extensive access for multiple users, more comprehensive subscriptions are available. The subscription model makes 3D printing potentially more affordable than buying traditional licenses and installing it on local workstations.

3D Metal Printing Parts That Can Be Printed With SLM SaaS

With CADS Additive-as-a-Service there are no restrictions for part manufacturing

“The cooperation with designairspace opens completely new ways for data preparation of metallic additive manufacturing. Providing our high-performance software in the cloud is a breakthrough milestone for 3D printing. We are proud to be part of this step towards the future of software deployment”, Daniel Plos, Sales Director at CADS Additive GmbH, says.

A designairspace spokesperson added: “we partner with Independent Software Vendors of 3D printing, CAD, CAM and BIM to market and run their software as a pure SaaS model. Our mission is to be the world’s leading, born-in-the-cloud CAD and BIM reseller, making any CAD and BIM software available and affordable for anyone on the planet. We’re excited and honoured that CADS Additive has selected us for their SaaS journey”.

New orders can be ‘spun up’ in a matter of moments, meaning customers do not need to wait for machines to be delivered. The SaaS solution is available from today and users can try it via the company’s webstore and subscribe online. Support is available via web chat, email, phone or video call.

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About CADS Additive GmbH

CADS Additive is a fully owned CADS subsidiary, based in Perg, Austria. CADS Additive stands for development of outstanding software components and intuitive software solutions for metallic additive manufacturing. As a manufacturer of high-performance data preparation and data management software solutions, CADS Additive is classified as an innovative and competent partner in the field of industrial metal 3D printing worldwide.

About designairspace:

designairspace provides virtual workstations that let architects, engineers and designers work on complex 3D applications anywhere with an internet connection. With designairspace, you can create complex 3D models in a browser. The service is available in North America and Europe and is currently used by CAD and BIM professionals in architecture, engineering, construction, education, and manufacturing sectors.