CADS Additive-As-A-Service

World’s most intuitive and efficient data preparation software
for metal-based 3D printing is now available in the cloud with
a monthly subscription.

Why use CADS Additive-as-a-Service?

your benefits of

CADS Additive in the cloud

3D Metal Printing Software For SLM In The Cloud - Ideal for Freelancers, Contractors and Interns

Freelancers, contractors, and interns

Today, external employees like freelancers or contractors are vital components of a company’s business environment. Get them on board as fast as possible and provide them with the right 3D printing software.

3D Metal Printing Software For SLM In The Cloud - Ideal for Workload Balancing

Workload balancing

Each business knows ups and downs when it comes to workload and project handling. With CADS Additive-as-a-Service you are able to react to short time decreases in workload – reasonable and easy.

3D Metal Printing Software For SLM In The Cloud - Ideal for New Working Conditions and Working From Home

React to new working condition needs

New working conditions can appear from one day to another, without any prior warning. Reacting to such needs is not easy to handle for everyone. Make it easy to react using CADS Additive-as-a-Service.

3D Metal Printing Software For SLM In The Cloud - Save Hardware Investment

Save hardware investments

Using CADS Additive in the cloud enables you to save high hardware invests. Get the full functional range of CADS Additive for less than $ 300 per month.

3D Metal Printing Software For SLM In The Cloud - Ideal for Casual And Part Time Workers

Casual and part time users

With virtual workstations, casual and part time users get a workstation experience that otherwise costs thousands of dollars on an $ 800 laptop.

3D Metal Printing Software For SLM In The Cloud - Ideal for Training And Education

Training and education

Training externals usually means high time and cost efforts and sometimes even travelling long ways for training lessons. Shorten these efforts. Get CADS-Additive-as-a-Service now.


Who can benefit from
CADS Additive in the Cloud

Welcome to the future
of metal 3D printing

Intuitive, efficient, step-by-step. Our software solutions allow you to prepare your data for any Powder Bed Fusion machine.

  • No expertise needed
    CADS Additive puts the power of Powder Bed Fusion in your hands
  • Vendor independent
    We support the broadest range of PBF machines
  • CA-x Agnostic
    CADS Additive works with the native data from most CAD vendors and CAE systems
  • Lower your Cost-To-Print
    Our integrated costing module will help you to find the optimal cost for every print job
  • Guided Workflow
    Our software leads you through data preparation for metal 3D printing – step-by-step and without any special training

We support most
Powder Bed Fusion machines

You already have your optimal PBF machine but are unsatisfied with your 3D printing software?
Or you want to purchase a new PBF machine but are not sure which 3D printing software to choose?

Let us know  which PBF machine you have, we do the rest for you!


When additive manufacturing meets cloud computing. Leading additive manufacturing software developer CADS Additive and the world’s first cloud platform for BIM and CAD applications, Design airspace work together to bring you CADS Additive-as-a-Service.

CADS Additive Software For Manufacturing Metal Parts With Selective Laser Melting On Any Powder Bed Fusion Machine
Cloud Workstations From Designairspace Turn On Premise Software into Software As A Service

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